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Dog Works at Airport Returning Passenger’s Lost Items

Coolest thing ever


I CANT GET OVER THIS. I AM LIKE CRYING. THIS IS SO SAD. #ctfxc #ctfxcdivorce #ctfxcforever #charlestrippy #ctfxcseperation #allitrippy #allispeed #youtube #youtubers #divorce #imdead #onceactfxceralwaysactfxcer #ctfxcerforever #ctfxcer #trippy


the more sad I am, the more cream cheese I need on my bagel

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Abby Lee Miller you are the love of my life. 

perfect. so perfect.

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haven’t been able to access this baby since august and finally got my tumblr reset password email. thank ya. but now i wonder if I can combine my new tumblr with this one?

Can’t access my tumblr from my computer. But I can get to it from my phone? Confused.